Turnkey and Integration Solutions

U.V.Techno Begins with the mission requirements, performs sit and sub-systems, provides site evaluation, designs, manufactures, integrates and tests the system including payloads and sub-systems, provides training and support for the full system life cycle.

U.V.Techno has an experienced staff of experts in civil, mechanical, electrical and systems engineering, aerodynamics, analog and digital communications, tether design, airbome and ground power systems, hydraulics, meteorology, logistics, installation, training, field engineering, operations and other disciplines necessary for the implementation of full-scale turnkey aerostat projects.

  • Data/Video Wall Solutions
  • Projection Solutions
  • Video Conferencing Solution
  • Audio Solutions
  • Ops Room
  • Conference Room
  • Matrix Switches
  • U.G. integration
  • Quad view processor
  • Touch panel for system integrations
Our Products

With in the global network, UV Techno’s product line includes electric and electronic equipments. We do provide our clients with specialty products to cater to their special needs.

UV Techno’s products / solutions simplify the way people interact with technology. At UV Techno, we specialize in turn-key design, installation and maintenance of products and solutions that we offer.

We offer dedicated engineering, warehousing and integration areas, paired with the industry’s finest engineers, project managers and technical support personnel to ensure that every project not only meets but exceeds customers’ expectations with on-time, on-budget results.


At U.V.Techno, our collaborative visual solutions are helping many of the most mission-critical operations beyond traditional displaying and monitoring.

Sharing up-to-date, accurate information in a timely manner is critical to your business. That can be extremely challenging in today’s work environment. UVT combines stunning zero-maintenance displays and high-performance wall controllers and processors. This allows multiple users, in multiple locations to share and interact with information from virtually any device, giving them the precise information you need to continue to make fast, informed, mission critical decisions.

Now, we offer a new industry standard for control rooms and operations centers, allowing those in areas such as public utilities, government, security and surveillance, transportation and telecommunications to confidently make faster and more accurate life-critical decisions, even in the most challenging of environments.

We deliver benchmark performance with innovative visual technologies and top-tier service and support.

Solution offered:
  • Custom-size stackable display cubes, screens and systems, ranging in screen sizes from 50" diagonal to 100" diagonal
  • DLP® display technologies in a variety of resolutions ranging from XGA through to WUXGA
  • LED based illumination technologies
  • Flexible, build-to-order display wall processing, delivering all the power needed to handle increasingly complex and diverse control room monitoring systems.
Rely on us to help you build data wall solutions that make sense for you and help you achieve your monitoring objectives.


We offer you a broad range of brightness and resolution options to enable you to make the right choice for your application with exceptional image quality, flexibility and versatility.Warranty, support and training come with the package that we offer you for smooth conduct of your business.

Solution offered:
  • Wide range of brightness options from 2,000 to 15,000 ANSI lumens in 2D/ 3D projections
  • Wide range of resolutions from VGA to WUXGA
  • Offer to choose between Proven LCD/ DLP technologies,
  • Offer to choose between Rear projection and Front projections
  • Assist you to choose the right most among 1-Chip, 3-Chip, 3D, Digital Cinema, Large Venue, Fixed Installation, portable, Home Theater, single lamp, dual lamp and many more with various lens options.
  • Rely on us to help you build multi-window solution that make sense for you and help you achieve your monitoring


The ability for people to collaborate?to work together?is mission-critical for any organization. Project meetings, Sales meetings, Product development meetings and beyond the enterprise, doctors meeting with patients, teachers meeting with students, government agencies meeting on crisis response to deliver critical services to citizens.

We offer you a complete universal HD video conferencing solution portfolio happening in real time, be it one to one or one to many and moreover effective in cost.

We believe in “Maximizing your experience”

Solution offered:
  • To choose between hardware and software based solutions.
  • Assist you to choose among various cameras and audio solutions with world class features.
  • Assist you to design and execute the right display and surrounding environment.
  • Extend the same natural, high quality experience to smart phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Rely on us to help you build video projection solution that make sense for you and help you achieve your objectives.


Sound carries much of the emotional content of our communication. It is therefore important that we choose our sound system that help convey these emotions in their true flavor. We are dedicated to create systems and solutions that help do just that, no matter what your facility is. Your needs could be clear speech from your PA system or a high quality live performance system for your auditorium or background music in your facility, we have solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.We believe in “Maximizing your experience”

Solution offered:
  • Help you choose not only the right solution but suggest you the right acoustics as well.
  • Suggest you the right solution based on your application area: Offices, Auditoriums, Stage shows, live concerts, Hotels, Malls, Institutes, Places of Worship, Cinema, Outdoor, PA System, Airports, other venues.
  • And not the least – within your budget…
  • Rely on us to help you build audio solution that make sense for you and help you achieve your objectives.